What a great overwhelming feedback from University of Wisconsin

What a great overwhelming feedback from University of Wisconsin

Dear Hama Hinnawi,

We want to formally thank you for presenting to our class. You have inspired us to be amazing people and make a difference in the world as you are currently doing. We are excited to find our passions and our “why” in order to change the world. You are such an empowering speaker, giving us hope for ourselves as you focused on self-love in order to accomplish our dreams. We have learned that your passion led you to your success in your fashion lines and as an individual making a difference globally. We also learned that we control our own choices and can make what we want of our life. From designing a dress for the Queen of Jordan, and showcasing your work at the Milan fashion show, to helping make a difference in women’s lives, you have provided us with inspiration for accomplishing our goals in life.
We admire your perseverance through life and in finding your passion for helping others. Most importantly, thank you for sharing your personal life experiences with us and for giving us all hope for our futures as you encouraged us all to be the best people we can be by believing in ourselves. It was an honor to have you speak to our class and learn more about the inspiring aspects of your life and how you have overcome obstacles to pursue your goals and become a successful leader. We will always remember your phrase, “I am possible” as we face challenges in life, as we know we can overcome everything. Thank you again for inspiring us as individuals.

Your host team,
Leah Schneider, Ellyn Webb, Bailey Wanty, Hannah Schwenn, Hedi Ma, Nick Simonson

Maria Kurutz
Asst. Faculty Associate, Textile and Fashion Design
Design Studies Department

School of Human Ecology
University of Wisconsin-Madison
3216 Nancy Nicholas Hall
1300 Linden Drive
Madison, WI 53706-1524