21-04 Camel Dress Shirt - H A M A

21-04 Camel Dress Shirt

Casual Camel loose midi length dress shirt

Not sheer

 Handmade embroidery - Gaza pattern

“Gaza from antiquity a passageway to  armies and trade caravans, became known as a Corridor bridge for kings. Napoleon said “Gaza the border of Africa and the door to Asia” because of its strategic position on the coast, Gaza always been an important trade center, especially in the spices. 

The typical Gaza fabric of linen and cotton had distinctively colored silk border stripes. The fabric were often named according to h colored stripes. The Gaza area villages that assimilated the Gaza embroidery and fabric include Hamamy, Qukaba, Beit lahya, Jabalya, and Isdud.” Palestinian embroidery by Widad Kawar and Tania Nasir

 Sizes are attached in “cm”


20% of profits goes to women in Gaza 

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Rana El-Shaer
Attention to Detail

The attention to detail and the quality of this long sleeved, long shirt is absolutely amazing!