Shallow Button Up

Cuffed, vented sleeves. Hidden buttons. Clean design.
Add a masterfully crafted, handmade, embroidered HAMAzing touch to your look, made for all seasons. When you wear this piece, you support the woman who created it during her struggle as a refugee. Taking her story with you amplifies her voice and supports her family.

Some of our original styles still come in only one size. Don't freak out please. All of the items are made to be very adjustable with either super stretchy elastic, buckles, belts or adjustable ties. They are "one size fits most". As we've grown, we have been able to offer newer and older items in a range of sizes. We aim to keep expanding on that.

Cotton and polyester

-Comes in one size
-Dry Clean Only

-Available with or without embroidery
-Cotton and Polyester 


Wholesale Product

For wholesale prices above 10 Pcs. kindly contact: