Metallic thread problems?? Well, here are a few tips I hope will
help you.

Metallic threads have a center core that's wrapped with metal foil
or thin slivers of metal foil.. Some metallic threads have a
coating of rice paper pasted over the center core,which helps stop
the metal from striping away.Metallic threads need special and
careful handling one should test the sewing with them to see which one
works best on your machine.Metallic threads adds a distinctive look
to monograms and a hint of sparkle to any design.
When working with metallic threads look for one that is smooth when
being passed through your thumb and first finger.If they are not
rough they will run smoothly through your embroidery machine.A good
quality metallic thread works very well and does not need you to add
a lubricant.kingstar metallic threads have a Nylon core which makes
them nice and strong.Some fabrics and designs maybe not suitable
for metallic threads.very small letters or numbers may cause your
metallic thread to break when working with stitches very close
together .Fabric that is very thick or dense fabrics will cause
increased friction with metallic threads.A dense design will cause
the thread to rub up and down which damages the needle and causes
the thread to break quickly.if fabric is tightly woven (the fabric
crisscrossed over one another tightly) maybe there is not enough
breathing space between the fibers to handle the
thread.understanding some fabric basics helps you to make better
Look for soft fabrics , natural fibers breath so are easier to work
with for metallic.It helps sometimes to cool the thread in the
refrigerator for 30 minutes before sewing with it this adds a
little lubricant on the thread which can sometimes help with
breakages. Metallic come in many different weights. I use 40 or 50 weight for
most of my projects with metallic threads.I like to use Neb prewound
or Coats bobbin fil as it is nice and fine and strong perfect for
machine embroidery.There are much less knots in purchased pre wounds
and this allows your top thread to run more smoothly . I like to
use the Schmitz Metallic needle which have an elongated eye and a
special shaft to cut friction.The large eye and small point
reduces fabric needle damage and help with thread breakage and
snagging.Metallic needles will embroider on both knits and woven
fabrics.Quality needles are very important your metallic thread will
rub the needle eye and can shred your thread so change your needle
after embroidering for about 8-9 hours or sooner should you get
shredding.Choosing the needle sizes according to the weight of your
fabric. A TOPSTITCH needles is sometime used with metallic as the
needle are extra sharp, has extra large eye and a large
groove .The larger eye and bigger scarf at the
back of the needle helps and prevents troublesome holes and thread
Sometimes it is best to set the top tension lower when using
metallic threads. Lowering the tension will help with
shredding.check with the tension on your machine and see what works
best for you though.I have found when using kingstar Metallic l
don't have to touch my machine tension at all.Make sure there is no
lint or fluff in the bobbin case area as this can add stress on your
metallic thread.A clean machine can make all the difference in the
world..Machine speed should be reduced for those lucky enough who
have a machine which allows them to alter the speed. Metallic
threads work better when done more slowly than other threads.Using a
thread stand to hold your spool will help stop your metallic thread
from kinking when winding off the spool.Attaching a bulldog clip on
top of thread stand or machine to run the thread through the small
hole will also help stop kinking.This little trick l use all the
time on all models. The spool must turn as thread comes off the
spool so make sure it is not being caught on the bottom.Larger
spools often kink less.
The correct stabilizer helps I tend to use soft cutaways backings as
l find my sewouts work better than when using tearaway A
cutaway stabilizer will add extra strength and stability.I
sometimes prefer to use hoopless embroidery when working with
metallic will explain more in class demo.For the past ten years
there is only one Metallic thread l use and that is Fujix kingstar
it is a step above the rest.
Warm regards,