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Black Collar Dress #107-18

While some styles have to earn their praise, this standout collar dress is an instant favorite.

Elegant embroidery dance around as a plain black collar makes its way to the show, and you’re the only who has got a ticket. This unique piece is a playful choice for a birthday dinner; or wear it to the next big event and make double the noise.

The black collar dress is completely customizable – ask for a full-length skirt, high neckline, and long sleeves to wear at a dinner party, or test your edge by requesting a sleeveless, pleated mini dress. No matter where you choose to wear it, HAMA has figured out the gray line between one-of-a-kind and all-around. 

Bespoke - This is a made-to-order garment made as per the customer’s characteristic measurements and specifications.



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