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Milan Fashion Week

Milan Fashion Week

Oriental embroidery, the olive tree and the black iris were present at the opening event of Milan Fashion Week, through the beautiful designs of Jordanian Hama Hinnawi,  representing  both Jordanian and Palestinian cultures.

Hinnawi was the only Arab fashion designer to showcase her pieces at the “Milano Fashion Week 2017/2018”, held in February.

The designs showcased in Milan featured red and black, and white and red colors, calligraphy, flower cross-stitch embroidery, line cross-embroidery, embroidered capes, and cross-cultural embroidery.

Some of the designs also featured Arabic poetry verses, including Lebanese poet Zahi Wahbeh’s lines: “Your body pales against you, your femininity a flooding heart, a laugh under which rivers flow”, Hinnawi stated.

Another piece included a line from Wahbeh’s poetry: “Dazed by her figure is the Earth”, to show the beauty of the Arabic language through fashion designs, the designer explained.

Hinnawi used other patterns that highlight the traditions and background of Arab culture. One of the patterns represented the Jordanian-Palestinian traditional dishes with designs representing grape leaves, pastry and olives stitched on it.