New COATS - FARWA by HAMA - HAMA Fashion



Being in the states for quite sometime, especially in Chicago where the cold is! being around the fire pit after snowshoeing or skiing, or gathering with family and friends around the fire pit or for walks in the snow . I found and still find lots of joy in all this. one of my tough challenges at the beginning was to adapt with the cold weather, be warm yet still look cheque and beautiful !  Trust me, that was a challenge!!

It’s either Chique/chic, or warm! I couldn’t accept my puffy look in those -20 deg coats! I just didn’t like it , despite I appreciate how warm it makes me feel.

So I decided to present to you piece of art work of my new warm and stylish coats which we call in Arabic Farwa coming from Fur .

I love my culture, and I love it here so I decided to create this MIX between East and west in a beautiful way and share it with you . And it’s UNISEX .

Keep in mind, you keep yourself warm and refugees as well by donating 20% of any purchase you make on our website to our families in refugee camps.

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